New Saint Petersburg

EXHIBITION presenting the work of young visual artists from Saint Petersburg (RU). On the occasion of the year of the Netherlands and Russia 2013, the exhibition showcases a new generation of talented artists. New Saint Petersburg presented a selection of works by young artists who are connected to four independent art organisations in Saint Petersburg. These partner organisations represented new developments in the artistic infrastructure of the city. New Saint Petersburg was therefore not only a sales exhibition, it also gave insight into an upcoming new art scene in 2013.

Production: ProMu Cultural Projects || Eva Koppen
Curator: Zippora Elders

Participating Artists
Pavel Brat || ART re.FLEX Gallery
Katya Bryskina || ART re.FLEX Gallery
Mina Milk|| ART re.FLEX Gallery
Veronika Rudyeva || ART re.FLEX Gallery

Mikhail Domozhilov || FotoDepartament
Mikhail Protasevich || FotoDepartament
Jana Romanova || FotoDepartament
Anastasia Tailakova || FotoDepartament
Alexander Veryovkin || FotoDepartament

Irina Drozd || Nepokorennie
Ivan Plusch || Nepokorennie
Kirill Makarov || Nepokorennie

Alexander Dashevsky || Rizzordi Art Foundation
Alexey Veryovkin || Rizzordi Art Foundation
Ilya Gaponov || Rizzordi Art Foundation


Project organizers
ProMu Cultural Projects
Nieuw Dakota

Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fonds
Stadsdeel Amsterdam Noord

Project partners
ART re.FLEX Gallery
Rizzordi Art Foundation
Netherlands Institute in Saint Petersburg
The Bookstore

Curatorial assistants
Melchior Jaspers, assistant installation and presentation
Taya Hanauer, English text editor

New Saint Petersburg is part of the official NLRF2013 programme