Heritage Day Russia

The symposium HERITAGE DAY RUSSIA in Amsterdam (NL) was initiated by the Centre for International Heritage Activities (Leiden, NL). The Heritage Days aimed at bringing together experts active in shared heritage projects in the designated priority countries of the Dutch Mutual Cultural Heritage Policy and thus creating more coherence between various cultural heritage projects and to discuss coordination between the various partners. The Russian counterpart day Our Common Heritage took place in Saint Petersburg (October 2010).

The programme was centered around three themes: Collection Management & Capacity Building, Management in Built Heritage, Research & Public Awareness. The symposium took place at the library of the University of Amsterdam (NL).
March 19, 2010
Amsterdam || the Netherlands

in collaboration with the Special Collections Dept. of the University of Amsterdam (NL), the Library of the University of Amsterdam(NL), the Netherlands Institute for Heritage (now DutchCulture), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

for the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE)
Project and on-site coordination, strategic partnerships